The 8M Surface Mix Bench Torch
SM-7 Tip

Part No. 34-10159

The National 8M Torch used with natural gas or propane & oxygen offers versatility for anyone in glass working from bead making to quartz glass.  The 8M comes standard with a swivel ball mounting on a stable, cast steel U-shaped base.  The National 8M Torch allows both surface mix & pre-mix applications with the simple interchange of tips.

The SM-5, SM-7 & SM-21 surface mix tips are easily interchangeable simply by twisting on & off (No Wrenches!).

Pre-mix operation is just as easy with the PA-1 Adapter!  The PA-1 Adapter allows you to use most of National's natural gas or propane & oxygen tips.


Caution must be used when removing tips!
The tips get HOT due to closeness of flame.
Use appropriate measures when changing tips.

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